Samalilani, Art and Change

By Zeynep Werfelli
Scientific statistics state that the planet has warmed by 1 degree Celsius
(1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) since 1850. And as the climate warms, the Artic
It’s a scary theme to touch; it makes people eager to switch off and to
turn their vision elsewhere.
Yet artists try to aluminate us and to penetrate our hidden fears inside
our dark wells.
The most known form of art is Game of Thrones, the HBO adaptation of
George R.R Martin’s unfinished book series a song of Ice and Fire. At
this point, the show is just about to tie up the knots in six episodes.
“Winter is coming”, an intriguing plot made by David Benioff and D.B
Weiss the creators of GOT, that dictates the struggle to form a coalition
while facing the detrimental side effects of an unstable climate and the
battles over power, status and wealth.
The series contain all the pioneers of the damaging cycle of change, the
“wildling” who are the climate refugees. “John snow” our unknown hero,
the saviour of the seven kingdoms and human kind, and “queen Cersei”
who’s unable to see the big picture which makes a stand of our own
narrow-minded world leaders.
The show is a mix between a pre-disaster (the white walkers and the
rage of cold) and a post-disaster (the ruins of old Valyria).
The story of climate change goes back further to when we lived the
doom of the Titanic which is a bowl of the wealthy, the poor and the
iceberg collision.
The revenant, an American semi-biographical western movie starred by
Leonardo DICAPRIO, where the frontiersman Hugh Glass struggles to
survive a journey in the harsh wilderness. And that takes us to before the
flood, a documentary filmed by Leonardo DICAPRIO and Fisher
Music is one of the artistic concepts and forms that treat the issue of climate change. Aurora, a Norwegian singer that chants “the seed” and
how we can’t eat money and “natural” by imagine dragons prays for
heaven to step in and to save us from our sin.
And Africa, of course is a holder of artistic change, Preserve,
“Samalilani”, an African song that goes into our veins so that we can
move while dancing and chanting the nature and the importance of
revolutionary change.
We can protest through art and Africa is a rich well of creation, so let’s
preserve our planet.

ምላሽ ይስጡ

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